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Anthropomorphic Insanity is a show based on the CN cartoon  Total Drama, and youtube series Battle For Dream Island and Inanimate Insanity along with some inspiration shows (aka object shows) like Object Mayhem, Brawl of the Objects, Object Lockdown, Battle for Awesome Planet, Unusual Battle, etc. It has 25 contestants battling for an unknown prize that will remain unrevealed until the very end. There are 5 teams of 5, and they'll face huge trials. When 1 team wins a challenge, the others will have to vote eachother out and one will be kicked out. This process will go on until only one remains and that person will take home his/her prize. It could be anything: money, a paradise, power, etc. What'll be? Who'll be the winner? Who will be unlucky? What will the teams be? Why am i asking all of this? Find out on Anthropomorphic Insanity!

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